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Have you ever measured your efficacy as a medical biller? How much do you spend to collect patient payments? How desirable of a patient experience are you delivering? How accurate and understandable are your billing statements? Take the free assessment to discover if you have what it takes to offer exemplary billing.
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Understanding your score will help you:


Measure Efficiency

How much time does it take you and your team to complete tasks, submit statements, post payments, and communicate with patients?

Assess Patient Interaction Options

65% of consumers would consider switching providers for a better healthcare payments experience.*

Gauge accessibility

Do your patient bill statements explain the reason for the bill and how the total amount is calculated?
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Source: Instamed; Trends in Healthcare Payments Eighth Annual Report: 2017

Your score may reveal more than you think

33% of Americans believe providers don’t do enough to enhance
the patient billing process. To improve, where should you start? Your Patient Billing Score results can lead the way.
Source: McKinsey & Company report, 2019
1 in 3
patients expect more1

See the big picture and track meaningful improvements

Your score is based on performance in four key areas of patient billing. The results will help you identify immediate and longer-term opportunities that can help improve patient experience and profitability.
Source: McKinsey & Company report, 2019
of patients want more clarity from their bills2

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