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You are one step closer to providing exemplary medical billing! Below are some actions you can take to increase your score (and efficiency) by at least 15 points.

Here are the categories
in which you were scored:

  • Efficiency
    This score is dependent on if you review patient payments before they go out, if you batch them, if you offer online payment options, and many others. The more your time is spent on manual tasks, the lower the score in this category.
  • Patient experience
    This category will grade you depending on how many or how few options your patients have of paying their bills and communicating with you.
  • Payment collections
    The score in this category is determined by how quickly and how many patient payments are collected within a payment cycle.
  • Data accuracy and accessibility
    This category grades you on how accurate and accessible the payment information is to the patient. This includes but is not limited to medical codes, billing errors, insurance payment reasons, etc.

Here are 3 ways to improve your score right now:

  • 1
    Offering other methods for patients to review their bills
    If you offered your patients the ability to view their bill statements via email and text messages, it could boost your score by 30 points.
  • 2
    Increasing your patient communications options
    If your patients had the ability to communicate with your team via chat, it would boost your score by 15 points, giving your patients more access to information and reducing the time your team spends on phone calls.
  • 3
    Expanding your patient payment options
    Patients want variety when it comes to paying their bills. Mobile payments like Apple Pay or via text messages and emails, paying via an easy to use portal, and having an automated, pre-scheduled payment option is useful to patients living different lifestyles.

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